Community Update S1E1


  • We deployed a new version of the FTSORewardManager contract, greatly increasing the accuracy of the WSGB delegation rewards distributions throughout the whole FF platform.
  • Optimisation of the data capturing and aggregation in FLR Index. This grants us the ability to provide real-time data for applications like FLR X as well as full trading, price, and chart history in the near future. Utilising this new capability, the FLR X trading UI now auto-updates, providing real-time price information and transaction history.
  • SGB/USD price is now submitted through DeFi Oracles to the FTSO Manager.
  • We are preparing to deploy a testing version of our platform to Coston. This will allow us to test our products more thoroughly pre-release for a smoother launch process.
  • Our node has been scaled up to 5x performance having dedicated support for the North American and European continents. Additionally, we are now supporting a full history node.

In Depth


On March 16th, our team performed a migration to a new version of our FTSORewardManager smart contracts. This update was necessary because prior to Epoch 20, the system did not mirror the logic of the FTSO Manager technology provided by the Flare Network 1:1. Our team resolved this technological debt, and tested the upgrade thoroughly before performing a very successful release. This enabled a 99.934% accurate reward distribution for pending SGB rewards.

FLR Index & FLR X

On March 10, we deployed an update to the front-end of the FLR X protocol. This update allows users to see the real-time price action on the chart as well as the trading history. Previously, real-time updates were not possible as our system was analysing all transactions within every block for pertinent data and then storing it to a database.

DeFi Oracles

On March 20, we deployed a new version of the DeFi Oracles price provider into production. This version includes the additional submission of the SGB/USD ticker to the TSO system. This was very exciting news for us because the SGB price feed for FLR Loans will now be based on a decentralized price provider, rather than our internal price feed. We believe it is extremely important to have community-oriented tools like the FTSOs which are not based on the decisions and data of a single organization. This was also exciting because it was the last step for the State Connector to come to life, allowing agents and other tools to begin working with and expanding the capabilities of the State Connector protocol.

Coston Network testing Suite

Coston created some of the most fun times for both us as a development team and a lot of our community members. It was a place for people to learn and educate themselves in a safe environment. It was also a place for us to try, test, listen to community feedback, implement changes based on that feedback and start the circle over. In our experience as a team, a well-defined development process provides both a much more stable product as well as time for the users to familiarise themselves with changes and provide feedback.

  1. A developer or a team receives the specifications and design (if applicable) from one of the project managers.
  2. The developer(s) define tasks/deliverables based on number 1.
  3. Local development work begins.
  4. As deliverables are completed, the changes are deployed to the development environment.
  5. In the development environment, these deliverables are tested by the project manager and other team members.
  6. If the deliverables are approved to be correct and stable, they are then deployed to the staging environment where these changes are further tested by our team of moderators. If the deliverables are not approved, they head back to the developer and repeat step 3. It takes only one objection from any team member for the developer to revert.
  7. If all criteria are successfully covered and the deliverable passes testing by the Project Manager, team members and moderators, the deliverable is scheduled for a production release on the next release date.
  8. The deliverable is released to the users to further improve the FLR Finance product suite.

Performance and Non-Human updates

Since the beginning of our journey on the Songbird Network, we have learned an unbelievable amount of information. We started with one very small node connecting our dApps and our users. We have grown exponentially since then and as of Monday the 28th of March, we are now providing full continent support for both Europe and America with 99.8% uptime availability. We have been continuously improving our infrastructure and this latest node update has further increased our ability to optimise performance.


Delegation rewards before Epoch 20: Analysis is ongoing to address the inaccurate delegation reward distributions from Epochs prior to Epoch 20. There will be an announcement when this process is complete regarding the decisions pertaining to this matter. Any adjustment needed will be a universal adjustment that does not require any information from the user.



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