Community Update S1E2

1 of 12 Swords of Doom
  • EXFI will be usable as a fee replacement token on FLRX.
  • A new swap pool will be opened for EXFI/SFIN as well as a FARM pool for the LP token for that pair.
  • EXFI will replace DFLR in WSGB Loans staking.

EXFI as a fee token:

When introduced, FLRX will feature a toggle that will allow the user to use EXFI to pay the 0.3% swap fee, rather than pay the fee in the swapped token. The amount of EXFI needed to pay the fee will be determined by the exchange rate between EXFI and the swapped token. EXFI fees are not available when swapping into EXFI. At launch, this feature will not be available for the SFIN/CAND pool. Once the EXFI/SFIN swap pool has been introduced and liquidity has stabilized, EXFI fees will be enabled for SFIN to CAND swaps.


A new FLRX swap pool will be introduced to allow swapping between EXFI and SFIN. This swap pair will be locked from swap transactions for a limited time to allow for appropriate liquidity to be built.

EXFI replacing DFLR staking:

Users will be able to stake EXFI in WSGB Loans to receive rewards from WSGB Loan Borrow and Redemption Fees. DFLR staked in Loans will no longer receive rewards. Users will be able to remove DFLR from the staking pool on the Loans page. In the future, this pool may be moved to the Farm page for anyone who has not unstaked their DFLR, but no rewards will be earned in that pool.

  • All contract addresses that contained DFLR were removed.
  • All official FLR Finance wallets were removed.
  • Wallets that split their DFLR had the lower balance wallet removed and were credited only with the remaining balance.
  • Wallets that combined their DFLR had only the combined wallet balance included.
  • Wallets that sold DFLR were only credited with the remaining balance.
  • Wallets that purchased DFLR were only credited with the claimed balance.
  • Community Member #CountZerpula had his second wallet removed out of generosity to the community, as he did not want to receive 2 Samurai NFTs at the expense of someone else. Feel free to say thank you, #500.

Community AMA with Admin Flintstone and Bannik (Nik)!

Our goal is to publish the AMA video tomorrow April 23, 2022, on the FLR Finance youtube channel with the associated transcript to be published here on Medium.



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