The $EXFI Snapshot is now complete!

When is the snapshot?

What is the distribution ratio?

Where is the logo for $EXFI?

What are the allocations of $EXFI?

  • Airdrop — 40,000,000 $EXFI
  • Yield Cloud — 40,000,000 $EXFI
  • Foundation Reserves — 20,000,000 $EXFI
  • Team Allocation — 10,000,000 $EXFI

How can I use $EXFI?

  1. Being used as a fee replacement token on FlareX.
  2. Being used to farm for yield in the form of $SFIN on FlareFarm.
  3. Being used to create $CAND on FlareLoans, which can optionally be used to farm more $SFIN.
  1. Purchase NFT’s and participate in auctions on FlareDrop.
  2. Provide to coverage pools and purchase coverage on FlareMutual.
  3. Vote on FlareGovernance and enact change across ExFi.

What happens after the Snapshot?

ExFi “Gamma” Timeline

Thank you for reading and don’t forget to delegate your votes to the first community sourced, liquidity generating STSO at!



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