Flare Finance — Open BETA Reboot

In this document we will discuss the Open BETA Reboot Schedule, How to Connect to Coston 2, How to Add Test Network Tokens, Starting Token Balances and Reward Structure.

The faucet is now open!

Get your test tokens here: https://faucet.flr.finance/

IMPORTANT: Flare Finance is currently being built on an experimental test network, and due to our rapid growth, that may result in API limitations and other barriers to enjoying the full potential of Flare Finance during it’s test phases. Coston 2 is undergoing constant updates and there will be times where transactions can be left pending for extended amounts of time. We must work with these updates and adapt as quickly as possible so please do bear with us during these times.

Open BETA Reboot Schedule

With the launch of Coston 2 we’re happy to report a marked increase in the speed and stability of all our products across the board. The extended break also allowed us the opportunity to implement UI/UX changes to the areas of the platform our Mods reported as giving new users the most problems. However, please report any feedback, difficulties or bugs to our Mod team on Discord or Telegram so we can implement any necessary changes long before the mainnet launch.

The Open Beta Reboot will begin at 12:00 PM PST on Sunday, April 11th, 2021 and run for 2 weeks ending at 12:00 PM PST on Sunday, April 25th, 2021. As Coston 2 started with a brand new genesis block, none of the previous results will be carried over to the reboot. Everyone will start fresh with new test tokens on Coston 2.

The Open Beta Reboot will allow users to test and provide invaluable feedback on FlareX, FlareFarm, FlareWrap and get the first look the governance forum.

How to Connect to Coston 2 Testnet

If you have never set up your Metamask wallet before follow the guide here:

Please Note: Connecting to Coston does not work on Firefox Browser.

  1. In order to interact with Smart Contracts on Flare Network download Metamask here: https://metamask.io/download.html

Please Note: Mozilla Firefox DOES NOT WORK!

2. After installing MetaMask create a new wallet. Don’t forget to record your private keys as MetaMask is non-custodial. If you lose your keys, your wallet can not be recovered.

3. Now that we have created a new wallet, connect MetaMask to Flare’s Coston Test Network. Click the MetaMask icon in the top right corner of your browser.

4. In order to connect to Coston we must create a custom RPC.

Click the “Ethereum Mainnet” dropdown menu. Select “Custom RPC” at the bottom.

Select “Custom RPC”

5. Entering the following fields:

  • Network Name: Coston 2 Test Network
  • New RPC URL: https://coston.flare.network/ext/bc/C/rpc Please Note: This will change shortly due to Flare Networks’ recent announcement we will be deplying our own nodes. (https://twitter.com/FlareNetworks/status/1381013824329895938?s=20)
  • Chain ID: 16
  • Symbol: FLR

Click “Save”

Enter the following then click “Save”

6. Now that we have created a connection to Coston, you can easily switch between Ethereum and Coston by clicking back to the network selection bar.

Select “Coston Test Network”

7. After selecting Coston Test Network, we will now create a new Coston address. Click the circle in the top right corner of Metamask then click “Create Account”.

Click “Create Account”

How to Add Testnet Tokens

Click the “Add Token” button, the click then “Custom Token” tab.
Enter the following addresses for each into the token contract field.

Click “Add Token”

Before claiming your tokens get test FLR for gas here: https://faucet.towolabs.com/ and test ETH for gas here: https://faucet.dimensions.network/

Each token has a contract address which you will need to manually add as a custom token in MetaMask:

Coston Network

dYFLR (Coston)

dYFIN (Coston)

dxUSD (Coston)

dFXRP (Coston)

dFLTC (Coston)

dFDOGE (Coston)


dUSDT (Ropsten)


Starting balances are as follows:

1000 FXRP (Coston Network)

1000 YFLR (Coston Network)

1 FLTC (Coston Network)

10000 FDoge (Coston Network)

500 USDT (Ropsten Network)

Please use the Coston faucet and ensure your Metamask wallet is connected to the Coston Network to claim your Coston token airdrop (FXRP, YFLR, FLTC and FDOGE).

Please use the Ropsten faucet after switching your Metamask wallet to Ropsten Network to claim your USDT distribution then use FlareWrap to convert it xUSD.

Reward Structure

  • Additionally, the Top 10 participants will receive a Limited Edition Rhodium Flare Finance Necklace along with their NFT.
  • Lastly, everyone can be a winner by participating in our daily random airdrops in our Discord server. Receive free XRP, DOGE, and LTC just for participating and being active in the groups!
  • Join us in our Discord to stay up to date and join in on the fun at https://discord.gg/flarefinance.



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