Flare Finance — The Loyalists’ NFT Collection and a new module…

Deflationary Sale

The Delorian NFT will begin at a supply of 7,777. At 12:00PM CET the team will burn 10% of the remaining available supply for sale. This means the Delorian NFT will become more scarce as the sale goes on. Each NFT will go for 0.1 ETH (plus any gas needed to complete the transaction) and will be available to trade on OpenSea and Rarible once purchased from the buy page on Rarible.

  1. Discounts across the new module
  2. Free Bonus NFT Drops that can be used and traded within the module
  3. Access to private NFT sales offered by exclusive artists on the new module
  4. Stakable on the new module to access various yield opportunities

The New Module

We are pleased to introduce…FlareDrop!



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