NFT Migration Guide

This guide is only for the current holders of the Samurai and Delorian NFTs on the Ethereum network.

  1. Visit and select Profile.*pJV5FtniMlcD8wu73njy7Q.png*HHCgmLdU7wypAvOXrwgGcw.png*KfYgvSOhGtIbeRTn7Vr0Cg.png*-wkXSISgyW5wOQdJs9PCJA.png*hySzSaYXX4kf5WNdyPtSqw.png*5ODUj56VybwLML9fP5tzeg.png*1hoI7b5KLSLHd4a72o73Dg.png*kPhJw4MMsyLffnIcjN3kAA.png*r_WnOpEyNyOo6s_9bd4Otg.png*R5QsbPx1P4j_z1eFNKVOcw.png*U-VRbEp44KMSSdwe_s3Ypg.png*FwoNW7gCxqOM2_oClhc1ng.png*og3yGl95U6L5MvkI3_olNw.png*BvzKk9v4GcQkRstuSaaCjw.png*JELFHenCgrodGlEfMtLOLg.png*eMeNSjN-BP1CXgUVMXWmfg.png



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