“Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.”

– Winston Churchill

After a fast start to the Gamma Phase, thanks to constant community feedback and participation we’ve been steadily isolating and patching bugs on the EXFI Platform as designed. During this process we have been far from perfect and thus the concerns voiced by the community are mostly valid. Along every journey there are unexpected and unpredictable turns but we believe the key is to always keep building. We will continue to build our way through both legitimate issues and fud/noise, undeterred as always.

Though we are almost ready to push the fixes to WSGB delegations across the platform and to release all accumulated rewards to their respective holders, a number of members of our development team have been directly affected by recent events in Ukraine. Thankfully, we were able to get most of our team out of Ukraine before the attacks started but not all of our Ukraine based developers chose to leave. With heavy hearts we’ll continue to monitor the situation in Ukraine, wishing the best for those of our team who remained behind. Though we hope we may all be reunited swiftly, the majority of the team is now settled and setup to move forward despite the delays due to war.

Due to the overall stress of the situation plus the logistics of transporting and coordinating accommodations, applying for work visas and more — we were unable to push the delegation updates on our original schedule. We also made the decision to have one of our audit partners take a look at the changes to the delegation manager provide a second opinion. We are aware the delays cause a loss of confidence and are extremely grateful for those who have continued to support us through the uncertainty. We want to reaffirm that your delegation rewards are secure and will be claimable as soon as the fix is launched.

Despite the setbacks there is some positive news. We are currently processing the necessary data to determine the top 500 DFLR earners from EXFI Phase 1. When our analysis is complete, we will airdrop the Samurai NFTs, to be followed by the Limited Edition Rhodium Necklaces.

Reward Structure

  • Additionally, the Top 10 participants will receive a Limited Edition Rhodium Flare Finance Necklace along with their NFT.

Finally, DeFi Oracles has climbed from the bottom of the FTSO rankings and will continue to improve weekly. The fees collected by DeFi Oracles will continue to bolster protocol owned liquidity weekly and help to balance out the ecosystem.

We will be hosting an AMA to answer any pending questions. If you have any questions or concerns please fill in the form here: https://forms.gle/PgvcR6ZYSFvB7JL59.

The official date and time will be announced shortly.



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